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WTS: Level 5 City on Dantooine

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WTS: Level 5 City on Dantooine


Post by TechCop » Tue Aug 11, 2020 3:33 pm

WTS: LEVEL 5 city on Dantooine...

We have grown tired of the rainy season and the Janta are rude. Within the next couple of weeks, the city of "an abandoned outpost" on Dantooine will be vacated. Since Dantooine is capped on level 5 cities, this is a good opportunity to get a city otherwise unobtainable.

What you get: A City Hall (which can not be moved) and a shuttle. All other buildings will be relocated. The city will maintain its current rank as long as the buyer has at least 10 residents.

How it works: The buyer, or their designee with Politician profession, will be given zoning rights. That person will run for Mayor unopposed and take control of the city. The buyer may also select any number of other accounts to be residents during the transition period.

In the event that the city does not sell, it will be abandoned. This will allow current rank 4 cities to level up.

We will entertain offers for the next week or so. PM me on Discord.

**UPDATE - This location has been vacated and will begin to lose levels each week. Contact me if you are interested.**

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