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WTB - specialized BE Pets

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WTB - specialized BE Pets


Post by Tamelon » Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:59 pm


im a returning player on the server, havent been here for a year or so. have bought quite a few BE pets from various Vendors but nothing special yet. Im looking for a Farm Pet that holds aggro better. Im mainly doing Jantas but want to do rancors etc as well. i have a pet that is barely good enough for jantas, but not for something stronger. it Looses aggro all the time and needs healing quite often, even on jantas. and its only one level 30 pet, no Area Attack.

im looking for a couple or trio (im singing mountain clan so 3 level 30 or 2 level 45 or other combinations like 50 and 40 you get the point) with area damage (numbers not very important, im MRiflle as well, so im doing the main part of the damage), stong poison etc. and good defence (light armor, 60 kinetic etc).

i dont want to buy fambaas, kimogilas, rancors or anything else bigger than i am. i dont need a deco pet. i want cats, spiders, mereks and others like those. And please nothing "ugly" (birds, veermok, etc) (maybe some people find them nice, i dont like them) or not fitting as combat pet (rabbits, cupa, kaadu etc)

im not rich (yet) but will farm the money if its worth it.

Please contact via mail or forum, since i cant say when im online the next days, but i will be probably online on saturday and sunday every now and then, mostly central europe daytime. and im a returning customer if im satisfied :mrgreen:

IGN: Yovanna

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