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Chapter 1.1 Testing

Test Server Information & what needs currently testing
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Chapter 1.1 Testing


Post by Tyclo » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:33 am

Ewok Festival of Love
  • Changed:
    • Event start and end date to compensate for late start.
    • Lowered bad match cool down to 1 minute
    • Lowered daily cool down timer to 20 hours from 24 for Match making quest.
    • Companion will now give a response when you've completed your quest.
    • It is not longer a requirement to store your companion to finish the quest.
    • L-O53 has a response when a player tries to get a second companion when they're in the process of turning in the quest.
  • Fixed:
    • Fallback for Love day companions persisting after a server restart.
    • Players can no longer interact with other player's love day companions.
    • Companions store in all scenarios.
  • Solo Instance
    • A new solo instance has been added for the Acklay. For testing purposes, please visit Mos Eisley and interact with the hatch in from of the Starport to start the encounter.
    • More information coming soon.
  • SR Coins now drop from boss and mini-bosses on Taanab.
  • Readded some trainers back to Pandath on Taanab
  • Duplicator collection quest item menu now display a string which better reflects the items.
  • Pandath Shuttle player loading location.
  • Duplicator and Sarlacc Menu Components now always show regardless of whether items are in the container.
  • Relic and Artifact Data Module loot drop chances.
  • Adjusted Krayt and Tanrat high end loot options.
  • Slight increase to high end Krayt and Tanrat creatures.
  • Cap on creature levels for looted weapons on high end mobiles. (Sanity check)
  • Increased speed and acceleration on Mustafar Panning Droid Speeder
Bug Fixes:
  • Mos Espa racetrack will now grant a BARC Speeder component.
  • Player Diner house experimentation and assembly bonus.
  • Broken loot kit string on junk dealer.
  • Named color crystals will no longer drop from high end npcs with the color_crystal loot group.
  • Small Generic Windowed House Style 1 terminal and sign locations
  • Improved unarmed speed buff stim.
  • TVA Data Disk combination to show the correct items required.
  • Uncommon Data Modules showing descriptions for Rare Data Modules
  • Duplicator Collection quest incorrect location hints and items.
  • Reverted Snowspeeder speed to pre-Chapter 1.

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