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05/01/18 - What currently needs testing

Test Server Information & what needs currently testing
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05/01/18 - What currently needs testing


Post by TheTinyPebble » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:36 pm

Hi all, we are preparing for our next patch and have a number of items in need of testing:
Please post all findings in this thread.

Add New player announcement via a system message when they join the server

Change Lantern Birds on Endor to avian meat (need to look at other planets missing resources)

Increase duration on Ent buffs for Entertainer District Works, the time needed to watch the ent is increased too - needs to be changed
----- Check and see if it only applies in a player city with ent district.

Increase Group size to 50
------ If possible, test to see if it goes beyond 20

Increase music XP when crafting instruments.
Increase Survey Tool Range for Maxed Surveyors
----- Increase at 125 (tapes) and 145 (FS and tapes).

Reduce Decay Rate of bikes
Reduce pet and droid summons to 5 seconds
Remove Housing from Moraband and Hutta
Reduce Garden costs by 10%

Change Krayt Dragons
-100% Loot chance
-Modified Loot groups
-Added CA and AA to Loot group

Change Acklay Works
-Raised Loot chance
-Add Pearls to the Loot table (needs a new name)

Increase Lot count on Medium houses to 3

Change NGE Housing:
----- Note that this change in lot count won't affect your current houses, just future houses. More lots also mean more item storage (and vice versa).
----- Note that the increases to Assembly, Experimentation and Repair are not like skill tapes. They are increases to the luck roll like in a research or manufacturing center.

Code: Select all

1 Lot / 10 per hour
•	Commando: Armor and Weapon Smith Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
•	Jedi Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
•	Sith Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
•	VIP bunker: Tailor Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
•	NS hut 
•	SM hut 
2 Lots / 20 per hour
•	Diner: Chef Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
•	Gen small win 01
•	Gen small win 02
•	Nab small win 01
•	Tat small win 01
•	Yoda Hut
3 Lots / 30 per hour
•	Relaxation House: Salon
•	Gen medium win 01
•	Gen medium win 02
•	Bespin 
•	Emperors Spire
•	Rebel Spire
•	YT1300 
4 Lots / 40 per hour
•	Sandcrawler: Droid Engineer Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
•	Tree House: Bio-Engineer Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
•	Vehicle Garage: Artisan Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
•	Gen large win 01
•	Gen large win 02
•	Hangar 
•	Jabbas Barge
•	Mustafar Bunker
Change Spice (D = Duration, H = Health S = Strength, St = Stamina, A = Action etc.)

Code: Select all

•	Sweetblossum - H:750, S:450, C:450, D:200
•	Yarrock - M:300, F:300, W:300, D:1200
•	Pyrepenol - A:750, St:450, Q:450, D:300
•	Sedative h4B - H:1250, A:1250, M:1250 D:180
•	Zyopolene Droid - W:1250, D:180
•	Crash and Burn - A:300, St:300, Q:300, D:1200
•	Gunjack - H:300, S:300, C:300, D:1200
•	Thrusterhead - M:750, F:450, W:450, D:300
•	Booster Blue - H:200, S:200, C:200, A:200, St:200, Q:200, D:600
Change BE Tissues (needs some name fixes)

Code: Select all

•	Confidence Cloth: block/dodge
•	Fear Release: warcry/intimidate

•	Toughened Fibers: stun/ranged
•	Tensile Resistance: stun/melee

•	Passive reflex: healing range/
•	Visual Camouflage: take cover/

•	Bio Nanobots:Droid find speed/droid find chance
•	Scent neutralization: camouflage/mask scent

•	Constrictor Cloth: dizzy/
•	Coagulant Agents: bleeding defense/

•	Passive Tranquilizers: harvesting/camps
•	Active Tranquilizers: tame on aggro/ tame aggro

•	Passive Biosensors: medical use/ healing wound speed (medical use is currently disabled, so please just note whether or not it applies correctly to the item)
•	Active Biosensors: injury treatment/wound treatment

•	Myoflex Cloth Treatment: heal dance bf/heal music bf
•	Enhanced Myoflex Treatment: heal dance wounds/heal music wounds

Commando Revamp (requires a test file). Details:

Bug Fix: Atmospheric Flight can no longer be used while in combat, or while TEF'd. Works
Bug Fix: Placing GCW bases on new planets. Not working (typo in a folder)
Bug Fix: New races can equip PSGs. Not working (typo in a folder)
Bug Fix: Restore CA/AAs to the updated list. Restore CA/AA naming convention. Works
Bug Fix: New races can equip new ranged weapons. Not working (typo in a folder)

TESTING ITEMS (ONLY FOR TESTING PURPOSES!!): Jedi rings with various amounts of toughness
----- Contact me on Discord for a set of rings.
----- Note: this doesn't have anything to do with this patch, it is a starting point to fix some issues with jedi.
----- As this isn't patch related, please report jedi toughness related stuff directly to me on Discord.

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Re: 05/01/18 - What currently needs testing


Post by nitan » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:55 am

Things ive noticed on Test Server

I will keep edit this as i find more.
  • Resources stopped to stack at 1.000.000, now stacks in 100.000 pr resource crate.

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Re: 05/01/18 - What currently needs testing


Post by InvaderZA » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:09 am

Issue for me is I lose connection while traveling atmospheric from Bestine to the Ancient Krayt Graveyard. And when logging back in I am unable to dismount from the z-95 and any movement causes a further loss of connection. I then attempted to log into another character which caused an issue with being stuck on loading objects. I can back to the character select screen but from that point any further attempt to log into any character is stuck at loading objects.
The initial character the problem is happening on is Bhor. Dren was able to fix this issue the first time by teleporting the character to Theed.
Cheers! :D

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