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Patch 7.1

Test Server Information & what needs currently testing
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Patch 7.1


Post by TheTinyPebble » Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:55 am

Test server is up and running!

Doesn't work, but doesn't crash the server either
Crashes server hard

  • Smugglers Outpost (Kaas) Rumor Bartender
  • Kaas City Ruins Outpost update with one way travel to Smugglers OP
  • Azrakel gets a lootable Saberstaff made by Borrie BoBaka over at MTG and Sovereignty RP
  • Changed Xeno Furniture Crafting Requirements. - Note: Previously looted parts, minus Gundark Fangs, will not work in Xeno furniture.
  • Balanced drop chance for Xeno Furniture components.
Tansarii / New Player Experience:
  • Crafting Vendor on Tansarii Station
  • Starter Armor (3 Sets, received at character creation) ~2500 Condition / 40% Kin + 40% Energy.
  • Starter Buffs - 750 HA + 400 M / 1 Hour Free
  • The SR vendor is now located on the top floor with the other vendors.
  • Droideka Quest [For real this time]
  • New SEA Removal Tool quest
  • Unique event lootgroup
  • Stackable tokens
    Known Issue: Can't split them, will be implemented next patch.
  • Heal Enhance (Doctor Buff) range increase 7m -> 15m
  • Modern Furniture can now have different colors selected during final craft stage
  • SR Galaxy chat command (like /auction, but for SR Galaxy chat). Use /srChat or /generalChat
  • Find structure command. Use /findStructures
  • Buff NPC after server restart, NPC lasts for 1 hour after restart - 2500 HA + 1000 M / 1 Hour Free
  • Low level buff NPCs in Theed / Coronet / Eisley - 750 HA 30min 2500 Credits / 400 M 30min 1000 Credits
  • The Character Creation timer now only resets when a character is created, not deleted
  • Removed: Combat Medicine Use tapes
  • Removed: Crafting tapes from AAs
  • Added: Clothing Repair tapes
Bug Fixes:
  • Glowing Eyes Appearance Map [Currently does not show up correctly for some races]
  • Being able to do Mellichae on any of the new planets.
  • Splitting mission payout correctly between group members
  • Some trees on Kaas had abnormally large hit boxes.
  • Added the equipped weapon on mount fix by Eastwind from, you should no longer straddle your bike
NOT!! in the next patch, but to notify you all:
  • Clothing and armor not being equippable at 0 condition, and any skill mods not working at 0 condition
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Posts: 218
Joined: Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:47 pm

Re: Patch 7.1


Post by TheTinyPebble » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:19 pm

More addition(s):
Entertainer buffs are now a flat buff instead of based on your characters mind stats.

Some races are unfortunately less desirable due to their low mind, this should alleviate the problem a bit.

The calculation is 10 pts per enhancement skill, so:
A master dancer/musician will now buff for 1000 mind stats regardless of your characters mind stats (it is currently 100% of your characters mind stats).
A taped master dancer/musician will buff for 1250 mind stats instead of 125%.

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