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How about a POI scavenger hunt?

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:43 pm
by Tamelon

in Germany we call it "Schnitzeljagt" and has nothing to do with something to eat :)

The idea is you place a numer of hints about POIs all over the galaxy, each hint points to the next POI and has a number 0-9. The Hint would be a kind of sign post, so everyone can read the hint to the next POI. The hints should be something you have to think about, nothing ovious, like "Bones in the desert", everyone would know its the krayt dragon bones on tatooine. Also the hints could be hidden a bit, in a bush, or in a container. Just in a way that everyone can read it.

to win you have to post the numbers on each hint in the correct order in the chat or wherever, but that would only allow one winner. maybe it could be the combination of some chest with nice items. i dont know if its possible, but you could alter the price in the chest after each time it has been opend and everyone can open just once. so everyone would get something out of it, not just the first who shouts out the answer.

maybe needs more tweaking / fine tuning. but would be something else than killing stuff...

Thanks for your time, Y