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Hints and Tips

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Hints and Tips


Post by Cozdragon » Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:01 am

Using Ctrl, shift and H will remove all the UI boxes so that you can then use Prtsc. Use the same three keys to then reactivate your UI.

Prtsc images are stored in your SREmu folder (usually in the C drive)

Alternatively if you only want to use part of the screen and you are running windows 10, use windows key, shift s to select the area you want to use.

You are welcome to import your photo into editing software to add details or text.

Jpeg’s are a good option to save your creation in. You may need to resize it so that it can be uploaded so check how big the file is.

Uploading to the forums:
Make sure that you are in the Calendar sub-forum and on the right thread. When it gives you the option to post , go to post a reply and you will find an attachment tab under the text box. Add your images and then click in the text box, before clicking the ‘place inline’ option.

Alternatively you may prefer this option:
1. When you have finished editing your picture, upload it to discord somewhere - Click the + next to the box in which you type to do this
2. Right click on the picture you just uploaded in discord and copy the link
3. Come to the forums and instead of just typing in a reply, click the Full Editor and Preview button 
4. On the next screen click the picture icon and it will put some weird text in the box
5. Paste the link you just copied between the ] [, add your details and then click Submit 

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