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Roadmap - Moving forward from now.

Project Updates, Staff Changes, etc
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Roadmap - Moving forward from now.


Post by Cozdragon » Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:14 am

We are very excited to be revealing these "sneak peaks" for the upcoming updates we will be working on over the next few months.

Currently, development is focused on updates to the launcher and our website, adding in new helpful features and the inclusion of full listings for upcoming events, patches and announcements.

Speaking of events, there will be Thanksgiving festivities, as well as events over the Christmas/New Year/Life day period. We can also confirm that the Talz that stole Christmas will be returning for a limited time.

Moving forward, a major focus will be developing and improving both new and existing planets in game. As part of this we will be extending the range of fauna, random encounters and npcs, as well as updating and improving the bunkers and caves throughout the galaxy.

A new weapons revamp will be an integral part of this. Limited use schematics for new improved variants weapons of weapons and their components will be loot drops found in bunkers or by killing a range of medium/high-end mobs. These weapons and components will be have the same stats as existing high end items with our goal being to bring a wider variety of weaponry available to the player base as part of this overhaul.

New weapons and components will not out-class any of the existing item in-game.
Loot will range from Jedi specific items, to new schematics, armour, component variations, weapons and more. Additional world bosses and regular world events are planned, such as GCW and NPC Invasions which will activate randomly as well as on planned schedules.

We are also developing a new PvP specific planet. This planet will have self-contained areas with individual, small and large group pvp with a range of scenarios and environments. We are also exploring the possibility of creating some PvE events so that we are able to initiate more events in multiple time zones.

As you can see the entire team will be very busy over the next few months focusing on the research, development and programming that will be required.

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