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Developer and Designer role openings

Project Updates, Staff Changes, etc
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Developer and Designer role openings


Post by desporo » Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:58 pm

We are looking for passionate developers and designers who can volunteer some of their free time to the Sentinels Republic Star Wars Galaxies Emulator Project.

You would need to have some of the skills listed below:

- Some knowledge of C++ and/or Java
- Some experience with the Unix/Linux environment
- Familiar with scripting languages such as LUA
- Reverse engineering skills
- Game modding experience
- Artistic/Graphical Experience (Photoshop or similar program)
- 3D Modeling Experience (3D Studio Max or Blender)

If you feel you always wanted to help create something and join the SREmu Team, then now is the time to apply.
Any successful candidate would start as a Contributor or Dev-Helper (Depending on skills) and hopefully work your way up to being a full member of the Staff Team.

Initially, you will be asked to to help the current Dev team. Following discussion with staff you would be assigned a task to complete that reflected your skills and interests.. You will have access to support from the main team and are expected to keep staff updated on your progress.

If interested please contact Desporo by either Discord or forum message.

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