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2nd July Update from Desporo

Project Updates, Staff Changes, etc
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2nd July Update from Desporo


Post by desporo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:13 pm

I just wanted to take a moment to reassure you all that we are working hard to make sure that we have a bright and exciting future at SR and continue to grow the community here even further. We are aware that we’ve had two instances of prolonged downtime and SR saying goodbye to Tyclo and Sudo has led to some concerns being raised in the community that have reached us.

We have gained four new members to the SR development team who come with a wealth of experience and bring with them lots of enthusiasm and determination to make SR even bigger and better with lots of new ideas and skills to the table.

We have identified some interim priorities and would like to share them with you in the interests of transparency.

- Complete rebase the existing server to make sure we are more stable and able to add new content even easier in the future

- Resolving some issues with the proposed 1.3 publish. We anticipate that we may have to push back some elements to a later patch, however we are prioritizing the combat and BH/Jedi components.

- Moving our current test server location to a new host and updating the database.

- Managing the backlog of bugs that have been reported on mantis so that we can resolve and push to live, with a plan to ensure these are addressed in a more timely manner moving forward.

In a longer term project, our assets team are currently working on redesigning the planet Moraband, and researching and planning for a considerable influx of new items and cool new content for you all to explore and enjoy

I hope that this reassures you that the team at Sentinels Republic are working to ensure that we continue to deliver the new and exciting content that you have come to expect from us.

Jedgar, Azkarel and Kadaan will need a complete overhaul which is why we have made an alternative route for those jedi keen to acquire the splinters and drop the FS points in order to strengthen their builds.

We now have 10 Developers along with several dev-helpers here at SR. All of them are doing great things behind the scenes and are working hard to ensure that you continue to have a positive experience here with us.

We felt it was important to give you a little insight into the knowledge and experience of our newest team members and what they are working on already.

Kurdtkobain - is a very experienced developer who not so long ago was the Lead Dev on another SWG server. At present they have been tasked with rebasing the server so that we have a good solid foundation to move forward with new content.

Quandru - is a very experienced Sys Admin who manages infrastructure for many blue chip companies around the world. They will focus for the most part on helping with our infrastructure, processes and documentation along with other areas of development, stability and security of SR.

Slayer - has worked on another server team and comes with lots of vital experience especially with creating new assets and models. They will work within the asset team and have already created many new things which will be showcased only at SR very soon.

Coreopolis - has worked on other swg projects in the past and is a software developer by trade. They have recently been looking into new guild management tools and lots of other things which I’m sure will be made available in the future here at SR.

These new developers along with our awesome existing team mean that you are all in great hands here at SR. We are changing how we do some things and that will take time but this is a very exciting time at SR and we have a bright future ahead.


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