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Update to the Rules and Policies at Sentinels Republic

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Update to the Rules and Policies at Sentinels Republic


Post by desporo » Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:31 pm

Following several incidents and complaints over the last few days we would like to clarify some misconceptions that seem to be prevalent.
1) Players are not able to select a player bounty for a mission for a character on their own account.
2)Multiple accounts in a household are only given when we receive clear evidence that there is more than one person playing. If it becomes clear that one person is using or accessing both accounts regularly to benefit themselves, then one account will be suspended with immediate effect by the team.
In reflecting on recent issues, we are now adding the following rule:

2.8 Players are not allowed to kill other characters by agreement for mutual benefit. Examples of this include: gaining credits, faction, pvp rating or in order to be removed from the terminals. It will be considered an exploit and treated as such.

To clarify, asking another player to kill you in order to remove you from the terminals, or using a toon from your partner’s, housemate’s or child’s account to do this will no longer be tolerated. In addition we will be making some changes to the way that player bounties display so that this will not be possible in the longer term.

As always, if you have a complaint about a player’s conduct either in game, or in their gameplay you are advised to take screen shots of combat logs, spatial logs or the conversation at the time, and to then send them to the Community Manager. If you have a complaint about a staff member, please also take any screenshots and submit them in the same way. Following some feedback and review of our systems, complaints should now be made directly in discord: Coz#4047 or via our dedicated complaints email address: [email protected] Complaints about the Community Manager should be addressed to Desporo#7139 in game or to [email protected].

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