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Announcement: We have updated our multiple accounts policy. Please read here and submit the required information if your household plays on more than one account.

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Multiple Accounts

Policy Listings
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Multiple Accounts


Post by Loratus » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:24 pm

For those that would like multiple accounts, please bear in mind the following:

1) Per the Server Rules, only 1 account per IP address is allowed unless you have prior approval and are listed in our white list. We will routinely check for multiple accounts and if you are found to be making extra accounts without approval, they will be deleted and repeated offenses could result in a ban from the server.

2) You are allowed to request one additional account to accommodate family members. Contact a member of the staff for details.

3) Anything more than 2 accounts per IP will require visual proof that you hold valid copies of the SOE game disks, and possibly a Discord chat depending on how many you are requesting. Further details can be found by contacting a member of the staff.

While we do not want to impede the fun of playing the game, we do want to maintain a level playing field for everyone and not let a few players dominate any particular segment of the game, so these measures are put in place which closely follow the SWGEMU team's approach to multiple accounts.

Any questions, please contact a staff member.