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Galactic Home Decorating Competition.

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:29 am
by Cozdragon
Thank you to those of you who shared ideas for the third Galactic Home Show. We are delighted to announce that the theme is:

A Day Out

You can design a space as a memory of a day out that you have enjoyed or create a space for the perfect day out you’d like to have. For example you could create an aquarium, museum, zoo, theatre, cinema, a restaurant, bar or even a shopping centre! You can use any building, of any style and place it on any planet of your choosing.
You can submit an entry any time up until the 14th August during a series of events which will mark the server’s birthday. Judging will take place and we aim to announce the winners the following week. As always the event will be judged by a combination of staff (unless they have entered on their play account) and invited guest judges. Please note that staff will only be given the waypoints and themes as an aid…and not the decorator’s name.

You will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on the following criteria:
• Creativity - Creative use of items.
• Theme - How well you meet the theme.
• Overall Feel - Overall judgement of the home.

To submit an entry please contact Coz via pm here or in discord with the following details:

Character in game and discord ID (if you use it)
Waypoint and planet for the house location
The name of your house / day out.

The top 3 will each receive a trophy. Additionally, the winner will become a 'Master of Force Shui'.

Happy decorating and we look forward to seeing your perfect day out.