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Galactic Home Show Summer 2020

Official Event Listings and Discussion
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Re: Galactic Home Show Summer 2020


Post by Cozdragon » Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:47 pm

We are delighted to be able to announce the winners of the Summer Galactic Home Show.

First Place:
Name: Tyson’s House of Thrift Store (A front for the Imperial Secret Base)
Interior Designer: TysonPitt
Second Place:
Name: Matron of the Coven
Interior Designer: Zion
Third Place:
Name: The Dragon’s Lair
Interior Designer: Paxton Prime

We would like to congratulate and thank all of the competitors for their contributions and ideas. Please contact me to arrange to deliver trophies, sr coins etc. We are also granting the title for the ‘Master of Feng Shui’ to TysonPitt.

If viewing their houses has raised your interest in decorating, look out for details of the autumn decorating contest on “Trick or Treat Street” which will be released soon.

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