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Naked Death Rally and Thunderdomes Sunday 9th May 8.30pm BST, 3.30pm EDT

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Naked Death Rally and Thunderdomes Sunday 9th May 8.30pm BST, 3.30pm EDT


Post by Cozdragon » Mon May 03, 2021 1:19 pm


You will need to bring a toon with no terrain negotiation or force run skills. It is your responsibility to check this and we will only confirm this at the end of the race. Armour, buffs, clothes and food are NOT permitted.

How to join in:

Grab a taxi from Bestine, Coronet or Moenia to the start location. You will be given the waypoint to the first checkpoint. Each checkpoint has a hut with a vendor. Buy the item and that will give you the next waypoint. Please keep the items so that you are able to trade them at the end.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: Building with a bonus deed of your choice
2nd Prize: Relic Data module of your choice
3rd Prize: Pod racer

After this there will be a thunderdome or two so please leave combat toons in Wayfar or Theed, if you are planning to switch over. Taxies will also run from the end of the race directly to the Thunderdome.

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