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Events for the rest of October

Official Event Listings and Discussion
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Events for the rest of October


Post by Cozdragon » Sun Oct 10, 2021 9:11 am

Due to unanticipated reasons there will be some changes to our usual event programme over the next few weeks. Throughout the pandemic I have not been able to see my family due to the lockdowns both here and the UK. Changes in the travel rules to the UK last week mean Mafs and I now have the opportunity to go and visit family, and catch up on some long overdue hugs.

The Trick or Treat decorators will gain some extra time for decorating until the 3rd November. There are still 3 houses available if the extra time spurs anyone on to participate – drop me a dm in discord and I will set you up! Escape House will run as usual today, however there will not be planned Sunday events for the rest of the month. We will return with a double event weekend on the 6th and 7th November which will allow players a chance to see and enjoy the houses decorated for this year, as well as the usual combat mayhem, bumps, and death!

In addition we will run our usual World Boss Thursday (date to be confirmed) and Miphstoe and I will throw in some zombie fun as and when we can. These may be short / no notice events but we will do our best using the @ discord facility.

We will continue the preparations for the GMF publish and announce the dates as soon as we are able. Any player complaints should continue to be sent to me – I will be checking in and chatting on a daily basis, but obviously will be less quick to respond at times. Please use the questions and help channels for game related questions - I know that you as a community and our wonderful CSRs will help.

You have my sincere apologies for the disruption, however I hope you can appreciate that getting time with my family is a rare treat, and after nearly 2 years will be even sweeter. To those of you who are still not able to see family…you have my thoughts and the hope that you too can get to see them soon.

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