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City Invasion: The Cult of Lord Nyax

Official Event Listings and Discussion
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City Invasion: The Cult of Lord Nyax


Post by Cozdragon » Mon May 16, 2022 2:08 pm

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Let me tell you a story I heard a long time ago. Once upon a time all children were taught to be polite, kind and good. If they didn’t behave, a tall thin shadowlike man would sneak into their houses, steal them away and kill them. His name was only ever spoken in whispers especially when stories emerged that he had created his own cult of child snatchers across the planet. The scary thing about some stories…is that they come true.

Join us for a city invasion event, and then hunt down the Lord Nyax hiding in each city on Corellia – there’s a clue for each one to find in the first city. Taxies will be outside Bestine, Coronet and Moenia starports to take you to the starting location. Buffs and rezzes will be provided.

Please come on leave if possible as there are faction mobs in some cities.
city invasion may22.jpg
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