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For Linux Users - Installation Help

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For Linux Users - Installation Help


Post by Naison » Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:20 am

For some background, I worked on a resolution to install SWG to Linux and to get it to run with SWGEmu launchpad. Keep in mind I work in POP OS! so your version of linux may well be different which means it may or may not work, but its worth a try!

BEFORE anything else, if you are having issues installing Galaxies in general with SWGEmu launchpad I highly recommend you check out my forum post here ... ost1607386. This will give you the information necessary to (hopefully) get SWG working. And I will be using some of the info from that post as reference to the thought process that had to transpire to get it to work with SREmu Launchpad.

And to cover my bases, I will copy-pasta my disclaimer from my SWGEmu post:
Before I begin, please note and be aware that I am NOT a poweruser of Linux. It may or may not work for your version of linux, I got it to work with POP which is based around the same architecture (probably not the correct terminology) of Ubuntu. NOR am I an expert and I take no responsibility if something happens to your system. (Ie. your results may vary. . . ) This is a fairly simple, was not so simple to figure out, process so please do not let my disclaimer scare you off, I am just covering my cockpit in case someone mistypes a command that destroys the main reactor of their system. Anyone who uses linux long enough, finds this out the hard way eventually…
I will provide sidenotes indicated by ***; these notes will be for background information/reasons why it is needed for the game.

*** Now if you follow the guide I posted above, when you get to STEP 5, you DO NOT have to install the SWGEmu launchpad directly to the SWG Folder. When you go to "options" > "install from SWG" , you will install the SWG launchpad to "drive_c > ProgramFiles" and it will create a separate SWGEmu folder to keep everything neat and tidy.

"And away we go!"

First you'll want to ensure that you have installed the base game of Galaxies to its own wine directory using a 32 -bit framework. You can pick any custom name for your wine directory, I chose SWGalaxies since I had to reinstall the game to a new folder just to get the launcher to recognize my faux C Drive.

To do this type :

Code: Select all

Pretty Easy ;)
*** We need it to be 32 bit because the launcher upon running with wine will get an issue where it does not recognize the program.
Screenshot from 2019-10-18 20-42-25.png
Once that is done type:

Code: Select all

WINEPREFIX=~/.SWGalaxies winecfg
Make sure that your Config setup is geared towards WINDOWS 7, it should be by default, but if it is WINDOWS XP the Launcher will say something like " Not compatible, must have windows 7". So click windows 7 > apply > close.
Screenshot from 2019-10-18 21-11-34.png
*** Minor annoyance but now you know how to change the config options for running in wine.

Now that we will go ahead and install CoreFonts into the new directory. While digging around other forums I found a post where someone was trying to install another MOD for Galaxies (Empire In Flames). He was running into a similar issue as I, so I took note from one of the posts and on a whim installed it. It made the executable run.


Code: Select all

WINEPREFIX=~/.customWineName winetricks corefonts
*** without 'CoreFonts' installed we get multiple errors as shown below
Screenshot from 2019-10-18 17-05-40.png
Now we Download the launcher and rename it to something simple in the downloads folder. I renamed it "SREmu.exe" to make it less work to type.
Now if you go to wine and type SREmu.exe it will fail. We need to show it to our premade directory to get it into the correct environment.

In the same terminal type:

Code: Select all

WINEPREFIX=~/.SWGalaxies Downloads/SREmu.exe
*** I kept the file in downloads when I renamed it, put it on your desktop if it helps, just make sure to change your path accordingly.

It will install and once it is done you might get a "JAVASCRIPT ERROR", its fine, click OK and now we should have the splash screen for the launcher! :D
Screenshot from 2019-10-18 17-26-47.png
So now that all the hard work is out of the way setup as usual. When you go to SETUP, it will ask for you to agree to terms and conditions. Then click on a place to install your MOD, I just went with the recommended spot
C:/SREmu and verify your installation of the base game for SWG. This will be in C:/ProgramFiles/StarWarsGalaxies. Then click SETUP. Wait a bit for it to install. If it crashes your system, it did mine the first time, just delete the files associated with the MOD (SREmu folder...etc) and install again.

*** I think it only crashed due to me having discord and several tabs open ontop of a 7 gig download. No worries, you should be fine if you just let it be on its own til its done.

Once finished click the GameConfig button and follow the recommended instructions on the forums/splash screen and set your desktop and click play. And enjoy!

One minor thing, I am not familiar with making scripts so what I found was easy for the time being is once everything is installed, take the SREmu.exe file from your downloads and set it into your documents or a separate folder for non-linux native apps. I called mine apps and put it in my documents folder. All you have to do to get it to run again after you close it out is go to the terminal.


Code: Select all

export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.SWGalaxies
wine Documents/apps/SREmu.exe
Then when you are done and need to go back to other games/apps in your main directory just type:

Code: Select all

export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine
*** I will try to work out a script but until then its the best I have. You can make your own script and look up how google.

If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comments or send me a PM or DM in discord. MrSneeks is the name. 8-)

May the force be with you and as always, Happy Hunting!
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