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Can't change Install Location. (Solved)

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 2:03 pm
by Fedaygin
When hover Rat icon above 'Change' then Red & White Circle appears :( I'm about to install w Win10 & i'm guessing that's the reason for not being able to select install location is cause haven't 'mounted' the 'discs' yet ? Kindly: Fedaygin "SW Fan who's waiting for SWG 2.0 & SW Mmo in general & doesn't support EA's Ugly half SW Mmo"

Pst: Attached Launcher img. If doesn't show up to others as it won't for me then let me know & i'll add the link without brackets. For me Thumbnail / image on preview is broken. UPDATE: Client installed & hope to find good Keybinds for smooth Char Control <3