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What is the path to Jedi?

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Dren Kara
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What is the path to Jedi?


Post by Dren Kara » Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:20 am

The village is implemented on New Alderaan. More information can be found here

Added 28.4.20 We have been made aware there is an error with the phase information on this post. Please note these changes:

Village Phase 2: Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
Village Phase 2: Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control
Village Phase 2: Heightened Senses: Luck THIS IS ACTUALLY SURVEY
Village Phase 2: Crafting Mastery: Crafting Techniques

Village Phase 3: Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy
Village Phase 3: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
Village Phase 3: Heightened Senses: Survey Tree THIS IS ACTUALLY LUCK
Village Phase 3: Crafting Mastery: Experimentation

You can also find more accurate information here although please note we have reduced the phase timers.

Becoming Glowy: ... 1612#p1612
Village Guide: ... 1613#p1613
FS Quest Guide: ... 1614#p1614
Padawan Trials: ... 1615#p1615

Updated to reflect new forum links following hardware upgrade.

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