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Chapter 3 Hot fixes

Forum for all New Alderaan Patch notes
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Chapter 3 Hot fixes


Post by Cozdragon » Sat Feb 11, 2023 5:51 pm

Alright folks, we just want to give you a recap of the week - it's been a little crazy around here as I'm sure you've all noticed.

First and foremost, thank you for the continued patience and positive vibes across the board. It's truly appreciated and makes our lives a little easier.

Over the past week, we've officially closed out 50+ Mantis issues, with another 6 currently in testing (awaiting confirmation), and 15 awaiting further feedback.
If you've put in a ticket, please double check if we've asked for a re-test, confirmation, or more info.
We still have ~30 items outstanding (a few duplicates), so plenty of work to go.

Over the past few days, the following fixes have been introduced over the various restarts;
* Inconsistent region boundaries and spawn zones, deviating significantly from previous SR live
* SR Customized Armor system/values fixed
* Faction recruiter dialog and rewards fixed
* Shuttle ticket purchase issues fixed
* NPC Creatures not properly using special attacks
* Cases where NPC creature resistances would not deteriorate in combat properly (esp. from commando)
* Clothing/Armor colour change fixes
* Many Mandal Motors specific bugs and tuning changes
* Inconsistent factory crate/factory behaviour fixes
* Group size limits fixed
* Duplicate/incorrect wearable socket display issue
* Armor cap and slicing amounts fixed back to previous SR values
* Practice mode for crafting fixed
* Missing starter city mobs corrected
* Discord chat sync fixed to include /sr as well as "tab" messages
* Miscellaneous Ewok Festival of Love fixes
* Escort quests fixed to actually function
* Dathomir camp placement fixed
* Resource item name missing detail
* Foraging timer/results corrected

Additional changes were made for the following, but will require further work over time.
* Planet specific lag addressed (further monitoring will occur)
* SEA related crash vulnerability (follow up work needed)
* Server side resource contention (follow up monitoring and work likely needed)
* Galaxy Harvester sync script re-configured (follow up fixes needed, mostly for data cleanup/correction)

Over the next few days, we will be working internally to prioritize and resolve the following;
* Lag. Any significant performance issues will be immediately first priority. We are actively monitoring this, and may take pre-emptive action if we see concerning numbers.
* Mandal Motors exploits. Anything deemed detrimental to the spirit of this content will take a high priority for resolution.
* Vehicle "spawn location" (ie. underground). We have narrowed down this issue significantly, but are still working on a resolution. Now resolved. See below for what to do if you have a bugged bike.
* Galaxy Harvester data inconsistencies/cleanup
* Misc player pet (ie. CH/faction) bugs - specifically specials missing/not correctly displayed.
* Frustrating behaviour with entertaining macros - specifically when alternating between dancer and musician (edited)

As mentioned before, we've basically had someone doing something development related 24/7 since Monday. We're all tired, but pushing through as much as we can.
At this point, we believe we've ironed out the biggest issues post-rebase, but are well aware there are still plenty of items to look into. If you are still experiencing something related to the upgrade that you feel is game-breaking, please make sure it is represented in Mantis.

Issues requiring staff action
* Invisible Speederbike Swoops on newly created toons should now work fine for newly created toons after 9th February.
* Invisible Sith Speeders should now work fine for newly crafted vehicles after 9th February.
* Invisible Republic Gunships should now work fine for newly crafted vehicles after 9th February.
* Invisible Basilisk War Droids should now work fine for newly crafted vehicles after 9th February.
-- If you have a vehicle that is invisible, please open a Mantis ticket and send a Discord DM to Coz.
-- She will arrange to have your vehicle replaced.
-- She will need some time to sort this out so please be patient as she endeavours to have them all done as soon as possible.

Thanks to Raven for collating the majority of the above list.

The SR Team

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