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Patch 8.3

Forum for all New Alderaan Patch notes
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Patch 8.3


Post by Tyclo » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:00 pm

Server Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance starting at 9am BST on Thursday 25th April for Patch 8.3 Update. Approximate downtime is 2 hours.  Please check in Discord and Facebook for updates on when the server is back online.

Double XP
  • April 25th through May 6th
  • Double XP has been enabled for non-Jedi Profession

Patch 8.3 Sentinels Republic Notes
  • Elite Prophet Trooper fall backs, checks, balances and logging. Lowered respawns to 4.
  • Professions:
    • Jedi
      • Force Cost is now displayed properly with decimal stats on Jedi Crystals and Pearls.
      • Saberblock capped at 75% random roll, stunned state decreases further to 60%
        • Ranged weapon accuracy no longer matters in Saber block calculation due to the high variation of weapon accuracy from profession to profession.
      • Force throw hits Health/Action, now does LS damage.
      • Force Lightning variations now do electricity damage, does more damage, higher force cost and slower attack speed.
      • Mind Blast slightly adjusted stats.
      • Lower force cost on all Force Powers attacks.
    • Pistoleer
      • Disarmingshot1: Increased chance to intimidate from 20 to 30%, lowered duration to 15s from 30s
      • Disarmingshot2: Increased chance to intimidate from 40 to 50% for 30s, removed 15 degree cone from ability (Single target attack only)
      • Stoppingshot: Added 100% chance to stun (before resists) with 45s duration.
      • DoubleTap: Lowered damage slightly.
    • Carbineer
      • wildShot1: 30% chance to intimidate for 20s single target 64m
      • wildShot2: 30% chance to intimidate for 20s in a 30 degree 24m cone
  • Locations:
    • Kaas
      • Renamed Kaas Imperial Garrison to Prophet Trooper Garrison
    • Jakku
      • Jakku Boundary to not use CreatureWith and added 15 seconds to SF battlegrounds timer
  • Other:
    • mixed_force_weapons (Nightsisters/SMC/FS NPCs) weapon group no longer contains stun batons or Power Hammers
  • Jakku Battleground Respawn timers
  • Jakku Cratertown shuttle
  • Purple flower collection, Jakku spawn
  • Duplicator can no longer be used inside of a player's backpack
  • Propose Unity and Divorce options on rings.
  • SKYNET fallback on non-player galaxy broadcasts
  • Various instances of withCreature
Patch 8.3 SWG Emu Notes
Thanks to Gyrantol we are now running on a more up to date version of Core3 and PublicEngine

  • A few missing creature hues
  • Ability to pass cmake args from command line
  • Additional templates for Dark Jedi NPC's - Part of Mantis 8016
  • Arena duel checks to other healing commands
  • asab, ubsan and tsan engine3 linking
  • Auction window text filtering and min/max price filtering functionality (needs Updated client ui file)
  • Building and Structure debug code to verify stucture decay process
  • Check for existing frs boxes to frog frs granting option
  • CleanupMailCount config option Change-Id: I5ed0d197b189039e006e052f9c53d7a2197f988c
  • Coa3 convo templates
  • deleteall option to /createSpawningElement to destroy all objects created via that command on current planet
  • Dress group functionality to allow generic template lists to be used across different mobiles
  • engine3 as a git submodule, cmake now downloads engine3 automatically if it doesnt find it along MMOCoreORB
  • Export building to JSON file
  • Force defense skill mod damage reduction to force attacks
  • Functionality to set hue of creatures
  • gcc min version check
  • Generic SceneObject JSON export
  • Geo caves loot containers
  • Hues for some Dantooine and Dathomir creatures
  • Hues to Endor and Lok creatures
  • Hues to Rori and Talus creatures
  • Hues to some Corellian creatures
  • Hues to Tatooine and Yavin4 creatures
  • Jedi bounty reward validation on login
  • json support to more objects
  • Logging of structure task destruction reasons
  • Mail message when building is destroyed because of decay
  • make build-ninja targets
  • Minefield perimeter messages. Mantis 6025.
  • more data component json serialization methods
  • more json annotations
  • more json serialization annotations
  • more json serialization methods
  • more json serialization to classes
  • More rank data validation to rank maintenance task and rank voting update task
  • moved mysql from engine to core
  • Noble and commoner dress groups
  • objectCount to JSON export metadata
  • objects created via /createSpawningElement are now tracked serversside, per planet
  • Open seats to showCouncilRank sui
  • Random hues for some naboo creatures
  • rest endpoint to query object data
  • SceneObject recursive JSON write function
  • setting StackTrace binary name for addr2line in case its not core3
  • Show number of hours out of maintenance in log
  • simple restapi.html example to explore objects
  • ubsan compile option
  • Unit test to verify mobile templates with hues have a palette variable
  • Configurable message for inactive accounts on login.
  • Admin list generation runs in multiple threads now
  • Player entry check for Combat Medic Area of Effect DoTs
  • Player entry check for Area of Effect attacks
  • Player entry check for Bomb Droid detonation damage
  • Player entry check for all healing and enhancement abilities
  • Factory crate contents search to bazaar search function

  • Force Armor/Shield FRS Efficiency Modifier - Mantis 7890
  • HQ terminal positioning
  • Locations of non objective gcw terminals
  • Schedule handling of hero of tat events
  • FRS timers to live values
  • Bestine election timers to live values

  • Planetary Record Keeper convo template file typos Mantis 7974
  • /createSpawningElement spawn heading arg not being used for non-buildings
  • Armour condition decay rate currently incorrect.
  • A couple heal command arena checks
  • a warning in old compilers and new warning in gcc7 and java 10
  • Account object race
  • Added locking to JSON export
  • Always show the destroy email in log
  • Another geo caves assistant bug
  • Assistant and engineer tech convo bugs
  • Bug with lua persistent events
  • Burst run costs are now modified by secondary stats - mantis 7930
  • Check for potential int overflow
  • clang 7 warning
  • Clarify code around decay process
  • cmake dependencies on engine3 submodule
  • Coa2 rebel mission terminal position
  • Coa2 typo
  • compiling with clang on linux
  • converting to proper json in content output for the rest endpoint
  • Council leader now has half the normal cooldown when using the light side demote function
  • crafted droid mobile typos
  • Createspawningelement not working on static structure objects
  • Creature hue bug
  • Debris not playing effect when destroyed
  • deleting mail objects on boot without loading into ram
  • Diagnose command to work on NPC and Creature objects (Mantis#7912)
  • Dontknowyou string for some themepark escort targets - mantis 7560
  • Droid deeds losing their modules - mantis 7994
  • duplicate values in baseHAM of the templates
  • DWB bomb droid detonation bug
  • DWB voice terminal bug
  • Error trying to select non-one time vet rewards
  • Force attacks should no longer use lightsaber secondary defense modifiers for hit/miss rolls, and instead use ability accuracy vs force defense
  • Frs validation typo
  • GCW base terminals despawning on pve bases
  • Geo cave doors saying they are locked even if player has unlocked them
  • Geo caves chemical container not accepting poison stabilizer
  • Geo caves door/keypad issue
  • Geo caves engineer tech convo bug
  • Geo caves trash heap permissions
  • Geo lab keypad codes
  • Heat vulnerability on marine and stormtrooper armor
  • In destory email only mention item deletion on buildings
  • Incorrect Teras Kasi trainer location on Talus (Mantis #7990)
  • Issue preventing hero of tatooine boar from respawning after killed
  • Issue with coa2 coordinator convos
  • Light side demote member function not triggering cooldown
  • Light side rank members getting dark side end of voting phase system message
  • Lowland Brackaset milkType and diet (Mantis #7938)
  • Lua persistent events overflowing if time set too far ahead
  • Maintenance task for buildings condemned prior to bank maintenance withdrawal change
  • Mantis 7923
  • marking find package cmake variables as advanced
  • missing chef trainer in Bestine (Mantis #8015)
  • missing header
  • Missing system message when player loots empty corpse (Mantis #8014)
  • More coa2 waypoint issues, hopefully
  • More gcw base terminal issues
  • More geo caves cleanup
  • More geo caves engineer tech convo issues
  • Move CMAKE_ARGS to end of cmake cmd
  • Multiple geo caves convo issues
  • No effect when destroying debris in geo caves
  • Not being able to add chemical stabilizer to chemical storage
  • Numerous geo caves convo issues
  • Ormachek XP bonus multiplier (Mantis#7993)
  • Player bounty reward to take into account frs ranks - mantis 7493
  • Player pet droid ambient sounds - Mantis: 7238 & 6075 - Not retroactive for previously crafted droid Pets.
  • Players with an active no confidence vote incorrectly getting demoted if their rank had Changed prior to the end of the vote
  • Pve gcw base terminals not respawning after a server restart
  • Pvp rating and frs xp not not updating when a jedi kills a BH
  • Pvp rating kill history to store on the killer rather than the victim - mantis 7997
  • race in structure permission lists sendto
  • Rancor bile attributes (Mantis 7651)
  • rancor bile charges attributes (Mantis 7651)
  • typo
  • Rebel Coa2 mission five waypoint not being removed on quest completion
  • Rebel coa2 terminal bug
  • Rebel marine armor chest plate corvette loot attributes (Mantis #7594)
  • Remove duplicate structure emails
  • removed space from command file name - Mantis 7983
  • removed unneeded cmake 3.7 requierement
  • Residency change cooldown no longer affects placing a city hall - mantis 7608
  • REST api control allow origin header
  • Rotation of scene objects in geo caves
  • several minor leaks
  • Some aurilian plant code cleanup
  • some cppcheck errors
  • some deletes
  • some UBSAN reports
  • SpeedModChange serialization methods returning wrong value
  • Squad leaders will now receive passive group buffs (Mantis 7922)
  • stability issue
  • StringIdChatParameter stringID json serialization
  • Structure maintenance task not rescheduling when building is condemned
  • structures placed by /createSpawningElement via StructureManager are now destroyed via StructureManager when deleted by the command
  • Terminals not spawning in pvp bases
  • testing all compiler options before setting them in cmake
  • Timer message for light side demote function when used by council leader
  • Trained veermok aggro in Lok Sulfur Pirate cave (Mantis #7598)
  • Trash heap having the incorrect area trap effect
  • typo
  • Typo in destroyed house subject
  • typo in sql file
  • ubsan compiling issue
  • Various force power state defense typo's
  • Creature Knowledge skill requirement to display difficulty level (Mantis #7953)
  • Functionality of Drain Force
  • Force Speed not affecting Drain Force cooldown
  • Secondary Defenses calculation to always allow for a chance for a state to apply
  • Defense Acuity for TKA not firing
  • Jedi heal timer cooldowns to better reflect live
  • Missing system message when player loots empty corpse
  • String pointer in GroupLootCommand
  • Empty inventory containers will no longer open from GroupLootTask
  • Dizzy KD flop while running
  • Stability issue with Junk Dealers
  • Potential case that could prevent hero of tatooine pirate leader
  • Stability issue with getAccountInfo cmd

Additional Notes
  • [Refactored] CoA screenplays to prep for CoA3
  • [Removed] Building specific JSON export
  • [Removed] Rooftop NPC in Mos Entha (Mantis #7999)
  • [Rewrote] Geonosian caves screenplay
  • [Started] json serialization of SceneObjects
  • [Tweaked] Creature hue functionality
  • [Tweaked] More gcw base terminal locations
  • [Updated] engine3
  • [Updated] engine3 submodule
  • [Updated] new engine compat
  • [Updated] readme
  • [Updated] restricted names list - Mantis 7895
  • [Refactored] CoA screenplays to prep for CoA3
  • [Removed] Building specific JSON export
  • [Removed] Rooftop NPC in Mos Entha (Mantis #7999)
  • [Rewrote] Geonosian caves screenplay
  • [Started] json serialization of SceneObjects
  • [Tweaked] Creature hue functionality
  • [Changedweaked] More gcw base terminal locations
  • [Updated] engine3
  • [Updated] engine3 submodule
  • [Updated] new engine compat
  • [Updated] readme
  • [Updated] restricted names list - Mantis 7895
  • [Disabled] Same account dark side sudden death credit
  • [Removed] Debug functions from enclave terminals

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Posts: 293
Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV
United States of America

Patch 8.3 Hotfix


Post by Tyclo » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:50 pm

Patch 8.3 Hotfix - April 26th 2019
  • Fixed NPC's chance to fall back down when standing and dizzy
  • Added GCW and BH Kill system messages.

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Posts: 293
Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV
United States of America

Patch 8.3 - Hotfix #2


Post by Tyclo » Sat May 25, 2019 7:33 am

Patch 8.3 Hotfix #2 Notes

  • Event NPC Teleporter System
  • Additional items to Staff Tools
  • Event Dungeon Instance Screenplay
  • Lowered PSG decay
    • From 10% to 5% of damage taken.
  • Reverted armor decay to pre-pub10 rate
    • From 20% to 10% of damage taken.
  • Event NPC Teleporter max NPCs (Usable by event staff)
  • Saber block PvP 70% max, -20% stunned, -10% blinded
  • Saber block PvE 85% max, -10% stunned, -5% blinded
  • Increased Black Sun BH Armor by 3x and Jetpack base loot chance by 5x.
  • Increased condition Mandalorian Armor from 40k to 60k
    • If you have a piece of previously crafted Mandalorian Armor, please contact staff for a replacement.
  • Various respawn timers of non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy.
  • Smuggler keypad terminal slicing. (Geo cave)
  • Reverted Krayt Dragons to Sentinel Republic stats and loot from SWGEmu
  • /findstructures command overhaul
    • Please use this command. It will help with debugging an upcoming item.
  • Event loot command now gives the same loot type to all players
    • Old painting readded
    • Separated items in Paintings, Jedi and attachments groups.
    • Item levels now vary at random.
  • Loot from various non-essential NPCs and creatures across the galaxy
    • The items are obtainable elsewhere and detracted from their primary loot location. The content was also too difficult for the loot to be worth trying for.
  • Kaas Separatist Screenplay

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