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Chapter 1: Troubles on Taanab

Forum for all New Alderaan Patch notes
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Chapter 1: Troubles on Taanab


Post by Tyclo » Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:39 am

There’s trouble on Taanab!

Chapter 1 brings a mass of new content to Sentinels Republic.

Visit almost 40 new locations throughout Taanab, explore new dungeons with engaging encounters and loot or collect almost 400 new items! 12 new craftable weapons, 6 new compact harvesters, new craftable speeders, purchase new loot kits in Pandath and parts looted throughout all of Taanab. Player city Bazaars have been added as well as new craftable decorations for cities and many new schematics for crafters.

New tools are available, such as the UniTech Installation Beacon, Gowix Harvester Extractor, Sarlacc Trash Can and the Duplicator Prototype. Loot Data Disks throughout the galaxy and combine them in the Duplicator Prototype to obtain new rewards.

Many new quality of life changes have been added, including many fixes and improvements to existing content. Both item and slayer collections have been completely revamped, with new item collections added.

Read the full patch notes below:

  • New and Updated Locations:
    • Pandath
      • Revisit the bustling city of Pandath. See new sights and explore the expanded city.
    • Taanab Vista Plateau
      • See the scenic view around the Canyon lands of Taanab. Be careful of the danger that lurks below.
    • Taanab Defense Force
      • Only the TDF can keep Taanab safe from the Norulac Raiders! Their outpost on Taanab is at the forefront of keeping the Taanabian industry working!
    • Abandoned Storehouse
      • It’s rumored that a once famous crime syndicate figured head stored his most valuable possession on Taanab. Only a few know the location.
    • Surveyor’s Guild
      • Taanab is a planet rich with minerals, these rare materials must be found before they can be extracted. This is the job of the Taanabian Surveyor’s Guild, which searches the planet 46 hours a day, 594 days a year!
    • Abandoned Research Facility
      • Something went horribly wrong! They’ve escaped! Infesting the canyon lands and decimating the planet’s ecosystem!
    • Roba Cave
      • Those pesky roba! They’re worthless I tell yah.
    • Three New Exploration Badges
    • 25 other new locations!
      • Taanab is now littered with points of interest. Some host new enemies to fight, others are worth seeking just for their view.
  • New Dungeons:
    • Hydro Station
      • Taanab is the breadbasket of the the galaxy, with the widest variety of agriculture exports available anywhere in the inner rim. The one thing keeping the crops harvested and the galaxy fed is electric power, lots of it. The primary hydroelectric power station on Taanab has been holding the agricultural industry hostage, with no way to power the harvesters crop are withering on the vine. Location the Hydro Station, fight your way through their security system, level by and level. Then find Upe Aizsprostota, the Hydro Station Corp’s director and have a “word to word” with them.
    • Taanab System Excavations (TSE) Cave
      • TSE has been mining in the Taanab system for some time, but a particular quarry of theirs has had some trouble as of lately. Some say what they are doing is illegal, other’s just want them gone.
    • Downed Ship
      • Scavenger Pirates have taken over the downed ship on Taanab! Voler Navire, the Pirate Captain keeps a close eye on her ship.
    • Norulac Freebooter Cave
      • The Norulac Freebooters have a hideout somewhere on Taanab. Their security is tight, ruffing up some of the groups members may be your only way to make it through their defenses.
  • New Encounters:
    • Tanrats
      • These nasty reptiles are escaped Tanrays which have called Taanab home. Their release on Taanab was an accident, the Tanrats escaped from a crashed cargo ship and have since started to overrun the planet.
    • Invasive Species Survey Drone
      • An Elite probot found on Taanab, its primary function was to stop the spread of non-native species, but it has since started targeting citizens.
    • Arcon Multinode
      • Employees of the Arcon Multinode Agricorp can now be found wandering Taanab.
    • Banthal Company
      • A company founded on exports, employees of the Banthal Company are now combing the plains of Taanab.
New Items:
  • New Tools
    • Duplicator Prototype
      • Manufactured during the Old Republic, the inner working of this technology has been lost to time.
        • Inserting 3 Data Modules enable the Duplicator to “Synthesize” a new object.
        • Different Data Modules yield different results. Not all Data Module combinations result in a new item.
        • 30 Data Modules.
        • 52 Combinations in total.
      • No trade item, obtained via Collection.
    • Unitech Installation Beacon
      • Check on the status of your installations. This tool will give you a detailed readout of all your harvesters and factories.
      • Monitor your harvesters to check if they are running, their maintenance and power, what resource they are extracting, hopper content and harvester extraction rate.
      • Factories show operational status, their maintenance and power, hopper size, schematic name, type and how many items the factory has produced.
      • Craftable by Architects, lootable schematic.
    • Gowix Harvester Extractor
      • Remotely retrieve resources from your harvesters, all harvesters are compatible.
      • Empty the contents of the harvester’s hopper directly to your inventory.
      • Rechargeable.
      • Craftable by Architects, duplicator schematic.
    • Sarlacc Trash Can
      • Hi, Phibus Swatck here with the Sarlacc Trash Can! The eat-anything garbage disposal! That can instantly consume, mulch, eat and destroy multiple of almost anything! The Sarlacc Trash Can is no ordinary Sarlacc; place it in your inventory and feed it some junk and it will instantly consume the toughest items. The Sarlacc Trash Can is so hungry, it works in your house! Now you can leave your Sarlacc Trash Can in your home and destroy items without picking the Sarlacc Trash Can up! To show the power of the Sarlacc Trash Can I fed it 10 junk items! Broken datapads, simple shirts, scout pistols, recording rods, hot pants, janta knifes, exceptional red wiring! You name it, it consumes it! Imagine everything you can destroy with the power of the Sarlacc Trash Can.
      • Rechargeable.
      • Craftable by a Bio-Engineer, duplicator schematic.
  • New Components:
    • TSE Fuel Cell
      • A fuel cell used to recharge the Gowix Harvester Extractor
      • Craftable by Architects, obtained via Collection.
    • Sarlacc Chow
      • A foul smelling package of a questionable substance that can be used to recharge your Sarlacc Trash Can
      • Craftable by a Bio-Engineer, obtained via Collection.
    • Speeder Components
      • New speeder components drop from various locations around the galaxy.
    • Hellfire Advanced Powerhandler
      • A new craftable weapon component used to make some weapons.
      • Craftable by Weaponsmiths, obtained via Collection.
    • Tanrat Geode
      • A crystalline geode formed in the heart of the Tanrat. Can be tuned by Jedi.
    • Tanrat Gland
      • A component used in crafting a Hellfire Advanced Powerhandler.
  • New Weapons:
    • 12 New Ranged Weapons
      • 6 New NGE/CU Weapons
      • 6 New PreCU Weapons with new stats
    • Crafted by Weaponsmiths, requires Hellfire Advanced Powerhandler and Tanrat Glands.
  • New Architect Items:
    • Player City Bazaars
      • Politicians can now place bazaars if they meet the following requirements:
        • City Requirement: Township
        • Politician Requires: Fiscal Policy IV
      • Crafted by Architects, duplicator schematic.
    • Compact Harvesters
      • Powerful harvesters in a compact form. Same Extract Rate potential as a medium harvester, but with a small foot print with the ability to be placed on steep terrain.
      • Crafted by Architects, duplicator and lootable schematic.
    • Player City Crafting Station
      • Crafting stations that can be placed in player cities.
      • Crafted by Architects, duplicator schematic.
    • 4 more new lootable player city decoration schematic items!
    • 8 new lootable furniture item schematics.
    • 9 lootable house schematics.
    • All NGE houses are now obtainable only as schematics.
  • New Loot Kits:
    • 9 New Loot Kits
      • BARC Speeder, 65 slot backpack, City decorations and furniture! Explore Taanab to collect all the parts.
      • Visit Etalietuma, a Loot Kit Dealer, to purchase a Loot Kit for SR Coins.
    • 2 New Simple Kits
      • Kits obtained from the Duplicator with parts scattered around Taanab. Complete the kits to receive one of nine new paintings!
  • New Speeders:
    • Mustafar Panning Droid Speeder
      • Requires special components to craft.
      • Craftable by Master Artisan.
    • Civilian BARC Speeder
      • Loot Kit obtainable in Pandath from Etalietuma.
      • Finish races all around the galaxy to obtain the parts required to complete create the Civilian BARC Speeder schematic.
    • Future Speeders:
      • Most looted speeders will now require components to craft.
      • The Koro2 Landspeeder now drops as a schematic and requires components.
  • Data Disks:
    • Found throughout Taanab, these Disks contain stories and waypoints to locations on Taanab.
    • Some Data Disks also contain Duplicator combinations
  • Other Loot:
    • New Speed and Accuracy Buff Stims
      • Improved, Advanced and Experimental variants.
      • Enhance your speed and accuracy for an extended period of time
    • 16 new lootable paintings!
  • Starting Item Collections:
    • Collections have receive a major overhaul.
    • You no longer need to visit an NPC to start a collection. If you find a collection in the world, simply collecting the item will start the collection for you.
    • Collections now give an audit feedback and an improved system message when you collect an item.
    • Finishing a collection will automatically give you the reward in your inventory.
  • Slayer Collections:
    • Improved stability of the Slayer Collection quests.
    • Visit the Tatooine guild hall in Norg Bral on Mandalore to get started.
The Senate Theme Park:
  • Part II of the Senate Themepark is now live.
  • Visit Mon Mothma on Chandrila in the New Republic Senate Hall in Hanna City.
  • Bounty Hunter:
    • SpyNet informations names now reflect their rank
      • Level 1: an amateur SpyNet operative
      • Level 2: a skilled SpyNet operative
      • Level 3: an expert SpyNet operative
      • Level 4: a master SpyNet operative
    • Added a level 4 SpyNet operative to Kaadara.
  • Bio-Engineer:
    • DNA can now contain area specials.
More Additions:
  • General
    • New Staff event loot posters.
    • Strings for city faction recruiters and city junk dealers. (Not enabled yet, don’t get your hopes up)
    • When creating a new character, combat limitations and stat migration limitations are shown on the character creation.
    • Minimum/Maximum loot levels on Loot Items and exception for Jedi pearls. (No player facing changes)
    • Function to check for species/race restrictions. (No player facing changes)
  • Taanab
    • New Dungeons.
    • New POIs.
    • Two new badges.
    • Thousands of new planetary additions.
    • New world dynamic and theater/lair spawns.
    • New destroy missions.
    • NPC factions:
      • Arcon Multinode
      • Banthal Company
      • Taanab Hydro Station Corp
      • Taanab Looter
      • Surveyors Guild
      • Taanab System Excavations
      • Taanab Defense Force
      • Pirate Clan of Taanab
    • Escape Ladders to the Pandath river. Swimming is prohibited.
  • Mandalore:
    • New Mynock Cave on Mandalore.
  • Tansarii Station
    • SR Coin vendor now sell additional house variations.
  • Naboo
    • Gungans at the Gungan Sacred Palace now have a chance to drop a Small Windowed Naboo House Schematic
  • General
    • Lowered character creation timer to 3 hours.
    • Lowered Imperial GCW penalties
    • Improved Junk dealer loot kit code.
    • Moved some collections locations.
    • Event Perks now last for 24 hours.
    • Can no longer equip previously looted NGE/CU weapons. They’re now just deco.
    • Removed some harvester information from the /findStructures command. You can now view this information via the UniTech Installation Beacon.
    • Event buffs are now normalized to one hour for all stats. (H/A/M)
    • Elite Encounters:
      • Added Duplicator loot to the Jedi Watchman and Antarian Ranger.
    • Group Sizes:
      • Lowered group sizes to 30 players.
      • Some players may find issue with this change, this is to gauge a possible performance bottleneck with the client.
    • Species Restrictions:
      • Character Creation: Players can no longer choose Brawler, Marksman or Scout when creating a Hutt or Talz.
      • Hutts and Talz can no longer equip weapons. This is to prevent players from becoming “stuck.” – It’s a daily occurrence and staff receives PMs on this issue constantly, if you want this reverted, you must answer all Hutt/Talz related questions for eternity. RIP Jedi Hutts.
    • Player Cities: Changed the maximum amount of player cities per planet: Some planets were increased, others decreased.
      • Outpost: 25
      • Village: 25
      • Township: 20
      • City: 15
      • Metropolis: 15
    • Player GCW Bases:
      • Rebel Headquarter bases have 5 instead of 4 turrets.
      • AT-XTs to Rebel PvE bases
        • Rebel bases have stronger NPCs, especially some “extreme” variant NPCs. For this reason, Rebels only have 2 AT-XTs when Imperials have 3 AT-STs at PvE Level 4 Headquarters.
      • Players can no longer place objects inside of factional bases.
      • GCW Bases can only be placed on buildable planets (You couldn’t, but the game would try)
    • Crafting:
      • Koro2 Speeder now requires components to craft.
    • Admin:
      • Increased setFactionStanding amount to 250k from 100k.
      • Increased group size when group leader is a staff member to 75.
      • Event Coordinator Intern permissions.
      • Event Coordinator’s now have event shuttle permissions.
      • World Boss can be spawned on a 6 hours delay.
      • Morag Madness event start permissions and added planet check.
  • Mandalore:
    • Mandalore has had a major update to its terrain with an entirely new set of biomes.
    • Keldabe is currently a work in progress, please be patient while we update the city.
  • Kaas:
    • Adjusted loot group chances for Prophet Troopers, Prophet Minions, Possessed Explorers and Darkside NPCs.
    • Added Duplicator loot to Prophet Troopers, Prophet Minions, Possessed Explorers and Darkside NPCs.
    • Possessed Explorers no longer drop NGE house schematics or paintings.
    • Terentatek (World Boss):
      • Arena enter/exit messages are more descriptive.
      • Shuttle to Smuggler’s Outpost now accepts cash and bank credits.
    • Maarek Stele:
      • Koro2 Speeder now drops as a schematic.
      • Increased Koro2 Speeder loot chance.
  • Tansarii Station:
    • SR Coin vendor now sells schematics instead of deeds.
  • Tatooine
    • Added lesser pearls to Krayt Dragons.
    • High end Krayt Dragons will no longer drop junk loot.
    • Decreased junk loot on low end Krayt Dragons.
    • Krayt Dragons have improved loot chances.
      • Krayt Dragon Ancients: Added secondary loot group for Krayt Pearls.
      • Krayt Dragon Grands: Added secondary loot group for Krayt Tissue.
  • Hoth
    • Giant Wampas no longer drop NGE houses or Snowspeeders.
    • Added Duplicator loot to Giant Wampas.
  • Jakku
    • Increased respawn timer and lowered loot chance on Fast Battle Droids at the GCW battlefield.
Bug Fixes:
  • General
    • Collections:
      • Dust Durni collection items will now randomly spawn properly.
      • Dust Durni collection items now have more descriptive names.
    • Commands:
      • Find Structure Command lowered overhead.
    • Names:
      • Pod Racer One and Two names.
      • Missing names for some Veteran Rewards.
      • Various string issues on character creation.
    • Image Designer
      • Various species that could not have some aspect of their character Image Designed after creation can now be ID’d properly (Ex: Nightsister’s tattoo pattern/color)
      • Hutts, Nautolans and Devaronians can now be stat migrated by an Image Designer. – The illusive problem has been solved. Some species will need to be migrated twice to fix previous stats.
    • Unable to place CA into a socketed Two Tone Formal Skirt.
    • Players can no longer change Capture the Flag control while incapped or dead.
    • Factories eating extra single item ingredients. (Never made it to Sentinels Republic live server, but it’s been fixed)
    • City Hall building signs.
    • Statted BH Backpack loot drop. (Stats are still missing, sorry)
    • Koro2 Speeder deed appearance is now correct.
    • NPC City GCW NPCs playing spiderman on Starport/Shuttleports.
    • Seg fault on start up when snapshot object is NULL (You’ll never know the pain this caused me)
    • Surveying:
      • Error that prevented survey mini-games from starting.
      • Surveying “Not close enough to concentration” message spam.
    • Collections:
      • Slayer collection quest mantrigrue description.
    • Creatures:
      • Tybis becomes invisible at certain view distances.
      • Rancors turn light brown at certain view distances.
    • Structures:
      • Experimentation bonuses on certain player structures now function as intended. List here
      • Sandcrawler house duplicate Droid Engineer stats.
      • Mustafar Bunker maintenance lower than intended.
      • Generic Small Windowed House s01 costs more maintenance than intended.
      • Windowed Generic houses having inconsistent names.
      • Missing Armor Assembly on Commando house.
      • Missing Sandcrawler structures crafting bonus.
      • Missing attributes from various NGE houses.
    • Events:
      • Crafted Life Day Presents and Love Day Card Menu Components. (There’s your darn tree!)
  • Taanab:
    • Pandath POI name broken.
  • Mandalore
    • Various broken POI names.
  • Kaas:
    • Improved deagro mechanics for Prophet Kadann, Jedgar and Azrakel.
    • Prophet Jedgar will now reset properly if the encounter is failed.
    • Prophet Jedgar can no longer be offered trades or groups, he never was very social anyways.
    • Prophet Azrakel will now reset properly and give a verbal warning.
    • Increased Azrakel reset timer to 90 to 120 minutes from 60 to 120 minutes.
  • Hoth:
    • Giant Wampas now drop creature resources.

  • Other:
    • Rancors having incorrect LOD and turning brown.
    • Ikopi turning invisible at some distances.
    • More fixes than you could ever imagine…..
Known Issues:
  • Pandath on Taanab is currently unfinished.
  • Keldabe on Mandalore is unfinished.
  • Issues on Taanab with “cannot see target” in some areas.
Thank You!

Huge thanks to Aeryna on Mod the Galaxy for their shader fix for NGE objects.

Thank you to Takhomasak for originally bringing Taanab back to SWG.

Thanks to Maf and Coz for their contributions to this patch.

Big thank you to all those who helped test this update.

Chapter 1 consists over 1.6 million lines of code changes and hundreds, if not thousands of new client assets.

– Tyclo

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