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Patch 7.1

Forum for all New Alderaan Patch notes
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Dren Kara
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Patch 7.1


Post by Dren Kara » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:15 pm

  • Added a Rumor Bartender to Smugglers Outpost
  • Kaas City Ruins Outpost
    • Added Scene
    • Added Tavern
    • Added one way travel NPC from Outpost to Smugglers (For a price)
  • Added a lootable Saberstaff to Azrakel (Credit to Borrie BoBaka over at MTG and Sovereignty RP)
    • Known Issue: You cannot change the saber color
  • Changed Xeno Furniture Crafting Requirements
    • Each piece of furniture requires a different component, all looted on Kaas
    • Increased drop chances for all Xeno furniture components
    • Added names and descriptions to Xeno components
    • Note: Previously looted junk parts, except for Gundark Fangs, will not work in Xeno furniture
  • Balance pass on all Kaas loot for both stats and drop chance
  • Lowered the damage of Prophet Trooper Lancers
  • Added Express Courier Crafting Vendor on Tansarii Station
  • Moved the SR vendor to the top floor with the other vendors
Yavin 4:
  • Increased loot drop chance for Geo Guards and Workers
New Player Experience:
  • Added Starter Armor (3 Sets, received at character creation)
    • ~2500 Condition / 40% Kin + 40% Energy
    • (Only available to newly created characters)
  • All Professions start with CDEF Pistol and Survival knife
  • Added a Welcome NPC with buffs on tutorial station
    • NPC gives Starter Buffs: 750 HA + 400 M / 1 Hour Free
    • (Only available to newly created characters)
  • Droideka Quest - Talk to Jornel Savas in the CorSec HQ in Coronet to start
    Note: Droideka Schematic is 3 uses.
  • New SEA Removal Tool Quest - Talk to Tulon Voidgazer inside the Geonosian research facility to start
  • Changed Entertainer buffs to a flat number instead of a percentage increase on your characters mind stats
    The calculation is 10 pts per enhancement skill:
    • A master dancer/musician will now buff for +1000 to mind stats (it is currently 100% of your characters mind stats)
    • A taped master dancer/musician will buff for 1250 mind stats instead of 125%.
  • Added a unique event loot group
  • Increase Heal Enhance (Doctor Buff) range from 7m to 15m
  • Modern Furniture can now have different colors selected during final craft stage
    • Known Issue: All current furniture defaults to white. This will be fixed next patch so it defaults to their original colors.
  • Added a SR Galaxy chat command (like /auction, but for SR Galaxy chat). Use /srChat or /generalChat
  • Added a Find structure command. Use /findStructures
  • Changed the Character Creation timer to only reset when a character is created, not deleted
  • Moved Rapid Fire1 and Rapid Fire2 down 1 skilltree so you get it sooner
  • Removed Combat Medicine Use tapes
  • Removed Crafting tapes from AAs
  • Added Clothing Repair tapes
  • Made SR coins stackable
    • Known Issue: You currently cannot split them. This will be implemented next patch
House Move:
  • Added Admin ability to move all decorations and items from one house to another. Now you don't have to redecorate if you want to move!
  • Please contact an Admin if you want your house moved to another location
Buff NPCs:
  • Added a Buff NPC that spawns after server restart, NPC despawns after 1 hour. Buffs: 2500 HA + 1000 M for 1 hour - Free of charge
  • Added Low level buff NPCs in Theed / Coronet / Eisley: 750 Med Buffs for 2500 Credits and 400 Ent Buffs 1000 Credits. All buffs have a 30 minute duration
    • Medical Buff NPCs can also remove buffs and empty your stomach for 2000 credits.
    • Removed previous buff removal terminal
Bug Fixes:
  • Glowing Eyes will now show up correctly for all races
  • Can now talk to the Old Man and fight Mellichae on any planet
  • Mission payout now splits correctly between group members
  • Reduced the collision area on some trees on Kaas that were abnormally large
  • Removed LS resist fromlLooted Ithorian Defender biceps
  • Added the equipped weapon on mount fix so you should no longer straddle your bike (Credit: Eastwind - - downloaded from
  • Various String, Shader and Schematic fixes
Temporary Change:
  • Moroband and Coruscant will be disabled until we move to new hardware

  • Clothing and armor cannot be worn at 0 condition, and any skill mods on clothing or armor at 0 condition will not work

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Re: Patch 7.1


Post by TheTinyPebble » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:12 pm

We know there are some items that blink in your inventory and when dropped. They appear fine on your character, so we won't be hotfixing this, but instead we'll try and get it fixed for 7.2.

And unintended, but positive, side effect of attaching a palette to the modern furniture is you can now also color customize command BARCs.

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